How to contribute to this repository

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All ongoing work is happening in master branch, as usual. All PRs should go there.

NOTE THAT PREVIOUSLY THERE WAS -wip BRANCHES, but they're no more. Contribute everything to master, as usual.

Common work process is as follows:

  1. Fork YiiBooster to your Github account. Use button "Fork" in the Github webpage, and follow instructions afterwards.

  2. Add Clevertech's repo as an additional remote to your fork. git remote add ct git:// Note that I named new remote as ct in this example. Remember it.

  3. Pull latest master branch from Clevertech's repo. git pull ct When you run just git pull you pull from the origin remote. This way you explicitly requires Git to pull from Clevertech's repository.

  4. Make a new branch named after the feature you're fixing/adding. git checkout -b myfeature Step 3 ensures you that you're branching from most latest master, this will save you a lot of pain when you'll be pull-requesting.

  5. Commit everything to this feature branch and not to master. Easiest way is to run git branch before commit and look if the asterisk is before the name of your desired branch.

  6. After you've done with the feature under question, open the and append the line to it in the following format: - **(fix)** a description of the bug fix #issue_number (Your Name) or - **(enh)** a description of the enhancement #issue_number (Your Name)

    Commit this change to normally. It'll be included in your PR on next step and it's good. This step is proposed first in #167 and it's definitive. Please, do it.

  7. Push this branch to your Github fork. git push origin myfeature Note that you use the remote named origin here. It points to your fork of the YiiBooster.

  8. After this, go to clevertech/YiiBooster, hit "Pull Request" and choose your branch at your fork as a source and master branch as a receiver of pull request.

Please, do not forget to reference the original issue as '#'+issue-number in the description of your pull request. It's very important, it'll help admins to quickly find what issues can be closed with this pull request.

Please, I know, too, that it all is an ass-crunching hassle, however, Git along with Github forces us to work in such a way, thank you.