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YiiBooster is a widget toolkit for Yii web framework. Its main purpose is to ease building UI in Yii-based web applications utilizing the beauty of Twitter Bootstrap and several other great UI plugins developed over time by the community.

Twitter Bootstrap wrapping is based over the excellent job of Christoffer Niska called Yii-Bootstrap. We at Clevertech included his library into our own Yii project startup library, YiiBoilerplate, and started improving it in order to satisfy some of our customers' project requirements. YiiBooster is an end result of this effort.

We tried very hard in past to accommodate to radical changes between successive versions of Twitter Bootstrap, but starting from November 2016 we will just follow the latest stable version published by Twitter. This means that when you upgrade YiiBooster, you upgrade Twitter Bootstrap as well.

Widgets at a glance

Overall, the following is included in YiiBooster:

Quick Start

If you want, you can clone the github repo and get the full codebase to build the distributive or documentation or just to hack something.

If you just want to use YiiBooster, you need to download the latest distributive archive. After that, consult the YiiBooster documentation website or the file included in the package.

Widgets end-user documentation

Check out YiiBooster documentation website.


Long story short: make pull requests from separate branches dedicated for individual features to master. Please see the wiki page about how to contribute to YiiBooster for details.


YiiBooster as a project requires (and supports) PHP 5.3 and Yii 1.1.15.

We know that PHP 5.3 is deprecated for several years already and Yii has version 2 released a year ago. A major overwrite is planned, but as for YiiBooster as it is, the dependencies versions stand as they are.

For development we specify explicitly that you'll need PHPUnit 4.8, because it's the last version to support PHP 5.3.

Bug tracker

If you find any bugs, please create an issue at issue tracker for project Github repository.


This work as a whole is licensed under a BSD license. Full text is included in the LICENSE file in the root of codebase.

Well-built beautifully designed web applications.