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This is a bunch of useful utils for Java BlackBerry development.


Provides convenient String manipulation methods:

  • boolean isBlank(String str)

  • boolean isNotBlank(String str)

  • String safe(String str)

  • String safe(String str, String defaultValue)

  • int linesCount(String str)

  • String removeBefore(String str, String substrToDelete)

  • String replaceAll(String source, String pattern, String replacement)

  • String join(String delimiter, Object[] tokens)

  • String join(String delimiter, Enumeration tokens)

  • String[] split(String str, String delimiter)

  • String arrayToString(Object[] array)

  • String toHumanReadableString(Object obj)

  • String getStringFromStream(InputStream in) throws IOException

  • String getStringFromStream(InputStream in, String encoding) throws IOException


Provides convenient math rounding methods the RIM API 4.5 does not provide:

  • int round(float x)

  • long round(double x)

IMPORTANT: for API 4.6.0+ use net.rim.device.api.util.MathUtilities class instead.


Provides convenient methods to set/get the default font for the application:

  • void setApplicationDefaultFont()

  • Font getApplicationDefaultFont()


Provides convenient methods for file IO manipulations:

  • void safelyCloseStream(InputStream stream)

  • void safelyCloseStream(OutputStream stream)

  • void safelyCloseStream(FileConnection stream)

  • void safelyCloseStream(OutputStreamWriter stream)

  • void delete(String url) throws IOException

  • void rename(String url, String newName) throws IOException

  • void copyFile(String sourceFileUrl, String destinationFileUrl) throws IOException

  • void copyFileForTorchHack(String sourceFileUrl, String destinationFileUrl) throws IOException

  • void saveDataToFile(String url, byte[] data) throws IOException

  • void saveDataToFile(String url, InputStream is) throws IOException

  • byte[] getFileData(String url) throws IOException

  • void createDir(String url) throws IOException

  • void createDirIncludingAncestors(String url) throws IOException

  • boolean isDirectory(String url) throws IOException

  • void deleteDir(String url) throws IOException

  • String removeEncExtension(String url)

  • long getFileSize(String url) throws IOException

  • boolean isPresent(String url) throws IOException

  • boolean isSDCardAccessible()

  • boolean isDeviceMemoryAccessible()

  • long getDirectorySize(String url, boolean includeSubDirs) throws IOException

  • long getAvailableFileSystemSize(String url) throws IOException

  • String getFileIOExceptionInfo(FileIOException e)

  • long getTotalFileSystemSize(String url) throws IOException

  • long getUsedFileSystemSize(String url) throws IOException

  • long getUsedDeviceMemory() throws IOException

  • long getAvailableDeviceMemory() throws IOException

  • long getTotalDeviceMemory() throws IOException

  • long getUsedSDCardSize() throws IOException

  • long getAvailableSDCardSize() throws IOException

  • long getTotalSDCardSize() throws IOException

  • boolean isFileSystemFullException(Throwable e)

  • boolean isSDCardEncryptionEnabled() throws IOException


Provides convenient methods for image manipulations:

  • EncodedImage resize(EncodedImage eImage, int toWidth, int toHeight, boolean keepAspectRatio)

  • EncodedImage getResizedImage(String imgUrl, int toWidth, int toHeight) throws IOException


A simple file logging facility.

  • void debug(Object o, String msg)

  • void debug(String msg)

See details on Logger usage here:


Provides OsVersion class that has convenient methods for OS (Sotfware) Version manipulations:

  • isEqualTo(OsVersion other)

  • isGreaterThan(OsVersion other)

  • isGreaterThanOrEquals(OsVersion other)

  • isLessThan(OsVersion other)

  • isLessThanOrEquals(OsVersion other)

  • isEqualTo(OsVersion other, int precision)

  • isGreaterThan(OsVersion other, int precision)

  • isGreaterThanOrEquals(OsVersion other, int precision)

  • isLessThan(OsVersion other, int precision)

  • isLessThanOrEquals(OsVersion other, int precision)


Examples are not present. Though the source code contains UtilsTestingApplication it is not a demo/sample application. The application was created just to test the utils during development.


This is a bunch of useful utilities for Java BlackBerry development






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