A framework to simplify wizard-like screens implementation.
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This sample Blackberry application demonstrates an approach for Wizard Type Screen that allows to edit information in convinient way, page by page.


Wizard Screen needs some pages to go through. Class that represents a page must implement an IPage interface.

  • public Field getContent(); - return the Field to represent the page.

  • public boolean isValid(); - perform the validation of the page and return result.

  • public void onPageValid(); - perform some actions if page is valid.

  • public void onPageInvalid(); - perform some actions if page is invalid. Show an error message, for example.

Pass the array of pages in Wizard Screen constructor. Each time Wizard appears on the scrren it shows the first page.

User may fill or browse pages. Validation of the current page will be performed each time before user goes to the next page.

Wizard notifies a change event with context WizardScreen.WIZARD_OK if OK button pressed and WizardScree.WIZARD_CANCEL after Cancel button. So you may perform some actions after data has been filled.

private FieldChangeListener wizardListener = new FieldChangeListener() {
    public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
        if (context == WizardScreen.WIZARD_OK) {
            // do something ...
WizardScreen wizard = new WizardScreen(pages);


To see an example please launch BBWizardApplication (com.cleverua.bb.example) in BlackBerry device simulator.