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Celf can be compiled with several different ML compilers.
Here is instructions for a few of them:

To compile with Smackage:

      $ smackage get celf
      $ smackage make celf smlnj (or mlton)
      $ smackage make celf install

To compile Celf with SML/NJ:

1. Compile the source into a heapimage (.heapimg.<arch>-<opsys>):

      sml < main-export.sml

2. Create a shell script to load the runtime with the heap image,
   e.g. with the .mkexec script:

      ./.mkexec `which sml` `pwd` celf

To compile Celf with MLton:

1. Compile the lexer definition, parser definition, and the rest
   of the source:

      mllex celf.lex
      mlyacc celf.grm

If you get the following error when compiling with SML/NJ

      ["/usr/lib/smlnj/bin/ml-yacc" "" "celf.grm"]
      Usage: ml-yacc filename Error: tool "ML-Yacc" failed: "/usr/lib/smlnj/bin/ml-yacc" "" "celf.grm"

then simply run ml-yacc manually by removing the superfluous argument added by
the compilation manager and rerun sml:

      /usr/lib/smlnj/bin/ml-yacc celf.grm
      sml < main-export.sml

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