Interactive map for tracking gentrification in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.
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Bushwick Community Map

The Bushwick Community Map is a mapping project that will provide local residents and community organizers with housing and urban planning data of our neighborhood to help track the changes happening in Bushwick, particularly the urban vices of gentrification and displacement.

El Mapa de la Comunidad de Bushwick es un proyecto de mapa que proveerá datos sobre la vivienda y la planificación urbana a los residentes locales y a los organizadores de la comunidad para ayudar a seguir los cambios que ocurren en Bushwick, en particular los vicios urbanos de gentrificación y desplazamiento.

See it in action here.



The interactive map runs on:

  • Leaflet.js
  • Cartodb.js
  • Odyssey.js
  • Mapbox.js
  • Google Maps API geocoder
  • Bing Maps satellite imagery
  • JQuery
  • Underscore.js

You can install dependencies using by Bower and running bower install in the root directory to download all dependencies locally.

Install the files and folders in this folder in the public directory of your server. Or run locally using a local server such as Python's SimpleHTTPServer and doing python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000. Then go to localhost:8000 on your favorite web browser.

Map Data Layers

The Following open datasets are being utilized:


  • Most map data layers are being hosted on CartoDB under the username Bushwick and loaded using CartoDB.js.

  • When updating these data layers such as the tax lots, DOB permits, etc. import new data into CartoDB and follow instructions and run the scripts as described in the files within the sql folder.

  • Other data such as the sites of gentrification are being loaded as L.Markers in the main.js file.

  • The Rheingold boundary is a GeoJSON vector overlay being loaded through an $.getJSON call via AJAX and Leaflet.js and is stored in the data directory.

Browser Compatibility

Tested successfully on modern versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Not yet tested on Internet Explorer.