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Don't run 'make' in arbitrary directories on the user's system

That was a little overkill. Reading the INSTALL file is more useful.
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commit 4538a39ef4a197c84e5af32ca6d093c2d636cf18 1 parent 912f8e7
@abrasive abrasive authored
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@@ -62,10 +62,8 @@
unless (-x $hairtunes_cli) {
say "Can't find the 'hairtunes' decoder binary, you need to build this before using Shairport.";
- say "Trying to build it for you anyway...";
- system("cd ${FindBin::Bin}; make || gmake");
- die("Nope, didn't work out. Read the INSTALL instructions!") unless -x $hairtunes_cli;
- say "Phew! Worked out okay, by the looks of it.";
+ say "Read the INSTALL instructions!";
+ exit(1);
GetOptions("a|apname=s" => \$apname,
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