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Emission and spectra simulation of Bifrost simulations
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Framework for emission and spectra simulation of bifrost simulations


  • Python 2.7, with Numpy and Scipy (Anaconda distribution recommended)
  • PyCUDA, CUDA 5
  • Kivy 1.8.0 (for running GUI)

Ensure that environment variable CUDA_HOME is set correctly.

To run the GUI: Run "kivy br_ioni [args]" in the parent directory of the repository. The parameters are: {tdi, static}: whether to use time-dependent ionization outputs, or use static ionization equilibrium --infile: optional first simulation file to use --tdiparam: optional location of time-dependent ionization parameter file

File outputs of the GUI are documented in br_ioni.EmissivityRenderer.save_irender or save_ilrender.

Input Format

qsmag_xxxx_###.aux/idl/snap files should all be placed in one directory, say ~/foo. This folder should also contain eostable.dat, ionization.dat, mesh.dat,, etc. Within foo, there should be another folder foo/data containing lookup tables for specific elements, e.g. he2_303.dat or fe9_184.dat.

When running br_ioni, simply pick one of the qsmag_xxxx_### files and it will load the rest of the files automatically.

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