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GitHub CLI 2.0.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 24 Aug 12:05
· 3574 commits to trunk since this release

New features

Support for command extensions

GitHub CLI extensions are additional gh commands that you can install from other repositories. For example:

$ gh extension install owner/gh-my-extension

# invoke the new command
$ gh my-extension

For more information, see gh help extension. To see currently published extensions, browse repositories with the gh-extension topic. Note that extensions may have runtime dependencies other than gh.

Other additions

  • Display label colors in issue list output #4106

  • Add tablerow/tablerender template functions for rendering data as tables #3519

  • Add GH_FORCE_TTY to enable terminal-style output even when redirected #4146

  • Add repo sync command to sync a branch with its upstream state #3813

  • Add pr checkout --branch flag to control the branch name #4005

  • Add release create --discussion-category flag #4003

  • Add config set browser option and GH_BROWSER environment variable #3992

  • Add repo list --topic filter #4136

  • Add PowerShell instructions to completion help #4114


  • Improve accessibility of interactive select menus #4172

  • Improve detection of truecolor terminal capabilities #4106

  • Avoid wrapping issues in powershell.exe #4106

  • Detect missing git and abort early during auth login flow #4109

  • Fix HTTP 502 error printing from GraphQL responses #4154


  • Require Go 1.16+ #4175 - drops support for OS X El Capitan

  • Remove backwards compatibility with homedir library for config files #4145


As always, we couldn't have done this without our amazing contributors 🎉