Write PostgreSQL extension functions using Rust.
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Write PostgreSQL extension functions (as stored procedures) using Rust.

Use the Fastest, Efficient, Safe, Enjoyable language, to write In-Database programs, for the World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database!

Code Example

extern crate pgxr;

use pgxr::bindings::*;



pub extern "C" fn pgxr_example_one(_fcinfo: FunctionCallInfo) -> Datum


git clone https://github.com/clia/pgxr.git
cd pgxr/examples/pgxr_example_one
cargo build --release

Then run pg_config

Find PKGLIBDIR, such as /usr/lib/postgresql/11/lib

sudo cp target/release/libpgxr_example_one.so /usr/lib/postgresql/11/lib
sudo su - postgres
CREATE FUNCTION pgxr_example_one() RETURNS integer
     AS 'libpgxr_example_one.so', 'pgxr_example_one'
select pgxr_example_one();


The included bindings.rs is for latest PostgreSQL version, current 11, on the Linux X86-64 arch. You can bindgen your platform's bindings.rs, using:

bindgen wrapper.h -o src/bindings.rs -- -I /usr/include/postgresql/11/server

Other platforms

This repo is for latest PostgreSQL version, current 11, on the Linux platform on X86-64 arch.

There are individual repos for each platform, listed below:

You can simply change the crate path in your Cargo.toml (No change the crate name pgxr) to develop for your target platform.

That is it.

Have fun!