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#from __future__ import absolute_import
#rom . import alphabets
#rom . import key
#rom . import token
#rom . import errors
#rom . import formatter
from .base import BaseStore, Pair
from .memory_store import MemoryStore, MemoryKeygen
from .redis_store import RedisStore, RedisKeygen
from .memcache_store import MemcacheStore, MemcacheKeygen
from .errors import KeyInsertError, TokenInsertError, RevokeError
from .formatter import Formatter, NamespacedFormatter
from .key import BaseKeyGenerator
from .token import TokenGenerator, UUIDTokenGenerator
from .version import __version__
stores = ('memcache', 'memory', 'redis')
def make_store(name, min_length=4, **kwargs):
Creates a store with a reasonable keygen.
.. deprecated:: 2.0.0
Instantiate stores directly e.g. ``shorten.MemoryStore(min_length=4)``
if name not in stores:
raise ValueError('valid stores are {0}'.format(', '.join(stores)))
if name == 'memcache':
store = MemcacheStore
elif name == 'memory':
store = MemoryStore
elif name == 'redis':
store = RedisStore
return store(min_length=min_length, **kwargs)
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