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<project name="amr" default="dist" basedir=".">
Semantic parsing for AMR build file
<!-- set global properties for this build -->
<property file="" />
<property name="build" location="build" />
<property name="build.src" location="build.src" />
<property name="dist" location="dist" />
<property name="lib" location="lib" />
<path id="classpath">
<fileset dir="${lib}">
<include name="*.jar" />
<fileset dir="${lib}/nerdep">
<include name="*.jar" />
<target name="init">
<!-- Create the time stamp -->
<tstamp />
<!-- Create the build directory structure used by compile -->
<mkdir dir="${build}" />
<mkdir dir="${build.src}" />
<copy todir="${build.src}" >
<fileset dir="${src.amr}" includes="**/*.java" />
<target name="compile" depends="init" description="compile the source ">
<!-- Compile the java code from ${src} into ${build} -->
<javac debug="true" srcdir="${build.src}" destdir="${build}" includeantruntime="false">
<classpath refid="classpath" />
<compilerarg value="-Xlint"/>
<compilerarg value="-Xlint:-serial"/>
<compilerarg value="-Xlint:-auxiliaryclass"/>
<compilerarg value="-Xlint:-overloads"/>
<target name="dist" depends="compile" description="generate the distribution">
<!-- Create the distribution directory -->
<mkdir dir="${dist}" />
<manifestclasspath property="myprogram.manifest.classpath" jarfile="${dist}/${}-${version}.jar">
<fileset dir="${lib}" includes="*.jar" />
<fileset dir="${lib}/nerdep" includes="*.jar" />
<delete file="MANIFEST.MF" />
<manifest file="MANIFEST.MF">
<attribute name="Main-Class" value="${mainclass}" />
<attribute name="Class-Path" value="${myprogram.manifest.classpath}" />
<jar jarfile="${dist}/${}-${version}.jar" manifest="MANIFEST.MF">
<fileset dir="${build}" />
<fileset dir="${build.src}" />
<delete file="MANIFEST.MF" />
<target name="clean" description="clean up">
<!-- Delete the ${build} and ${dist} directory trees -->
<delete dir="${build}" />
<delete dir="${build.src}" />
<delete dir="${dist}" />