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  • Update README and bib file
  • Various cosmetic changes to simplify use of generics
  • Fix Eclipse build issues -- follow README to work with Eclipse


  • Support for crossing and high order composition.
  • Proper implementation of normal form parsing with Eisner (1996) NF.
  • Hockenmaier and Bisk (2010) NF parsing.
  • IDs for generalized skolem terms.
  • Improvement to GENLEX procedures + composite lexicon to easily combine GENLEX procedures.
  • Better marking mechanism for CKY cells for constrained GENLEX parses.
  • Data items for situated sentences.
  • Improvements to situated (joint) inference.
  • Model now automatically distinguishes between lexical and parse features.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Store argument in Literal as array instead of List for better performance.
  • Better performing LogicalExpression simplification.
  • Massive performance improvements.
  • Variables now behave like in programming languages and "hide" each other. Variables names can be re-used and will be resolved correctly according to current scope.
  • Support for syntactic attributes (e.g., S[dcl]) and single variable for agreement (e.g., S[x]\S[x]).
  • CKY parsing derivations now store complete categories rather than only the logical forms (syntax included).
  • Multiple assertion checks -- NOTE: running with assertions on decreases performance significantly.
  • Revise lexical factoring to work with syntactic attributes.
  • spfdist: a simple distribution framework with no architecture assumptions (written with Mark Yatskar)
  • Rename framework and packages
  • Numerous other changes and optimizations


  • Bug in identifying full parses when using unary rules.


  • Introduce a readers system to read logical expressions from text. Also, make logical expression equality more flexible. Makes it easier to add new logical expression objects to hierarchy.
  • Various minor (but important) optimizations.
  • Add labeled single sentence data item with lexical entries.
  • Utility to parse a single sentence with a lexicon.
  • Support for generalized function composition.
  • Rewrite how the parser handles unary rules: more correct and better re-use of computations.


  • Fix pruning in SingleSentence.
  • Fixes and cleaning in LogicLanguageServices. Mostly relevant when working without a close ontology.
  • Keep the overflows away. Switch all exponentiated computations to log-space.
  • Fixed a small bug in example GeoQuery experiment.


  • Revamp joint inference derivations and output: a derivation now includes all possible ways to create a certain result (i.e., it marginalizes over everything except the final result). Injective inference makes certain assumptions to provide a simpler interface. The general joint derivation doesn't support any dynamic programming for semantics evaluation.
  • Improve joint inference javadocs.
  • Add approximate/exact inference indication for inference outputs.
  • Fix bug in TroveHashVector.
  • Fix bug in LogicalConstant equality.


  • Fixed inconsistencies in GeoQuery experiments.
  • Release GeoQuery experiments with unification-based GENLEX. NOTE: these experiments don't re-create the results of Kwiatkowski et al. 2010/2011 as the implementation of GENLEX is different.
  • Move version info outside of README and build.xml.


  • Better support for closed and open ontologies
    • Add option to allow using an ontology or not
    • Ontologies may now be closed or open
    • Explicit way to dynamically define new constants outside of .ont files
  • Consolidate unit tests in a separate project
  • Remove some unused code
  • Removing stripping of redundant lambda operators
    • Simplifying to the canonical form doesn't strip redundant lambda operator.
    • All implicit lambda operators are always present in the logical form.
    • Converting a logical form to a string strips lambda operators for readability.
    • Missing lambda operator in input logical expressions are added.
  • Safety assertion in various constructors
  • Improved support for joint inference and situated language
  • GeoQuery example experiment without the experiment platform -- possibly a better way to get to know the code for some.
  • Remove old storage mechanism and add support for saving models using serialization, including helper methods in the Model class.
  • Removed concept of fixed lexical entry.
    • No distinction between fixed lexical entries and normal ones.
    • Initialization of seed entries is done using model initializers.
  • Migrate all creators to inside the class they are creating (as internal classes).
  • Fix bug with initializing the lexicon.
  • Remove unused typing features.
  • Better and more consistent typing validation and type consistency checks across the framework.
  • Remove support for unary parse rules. Unary operations are now supported only through overloading binary rules. See RuleSetBuilder.
  • Hash vector improvements
    • Pairwise hash vector product.
    • Add method to apply a function all values in the hash vector.
  • Attach Arxiv publication PDF and BIB files to source code.


  • Cleaned up using of generics throughout the system. Generic classes should now compatible
  • Better logging system - all logs are now public and can be controlled from outside SPF without editing SPF's code
  • Javadocs for many generic classes
  • Better abstraction in ExPlat's experiment hierarchy
  • Better representations of situated data items