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@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ All classes that output log messages include a public static object called `LOG`
Want to use the logging system in your own code or add new log messages? You can view the interface `edu.cornell.cs.utils.log.ILogger` to see what logging methods are available.
### ExPlat[explat]
### ExPlat: SPF's Experiments Platform
ExPlat is SPF's experiments platform. It's intended to streamline experiments and help you avoid huge `main(String[])` methods that just initialize one things after the other and are a pain to update.
@@ -112,18 +112,14 @@ Each directive in this section defines a job to be executed. The type of the job
See `LogicalLanaguageServices` for the main service class that is required for the logical language to work. Most operations on logical expressions are done using the visitor design pattern, see `ILogicalExpressionVisitor`.
More coming soon ...
### Combinatory Categorial Grammars (CCGs) in SPF
Coming soon ...
CCG categories are represented by `edu.cornell.cs.nlp.spf.ccg.categories.Category` and the classes that extend it. The starting classes for CCG binary operations is `edu.cornell.cs.nlp.spf.parser.ccg.rules.IBinaryParseRule` and for unary operations `edu.cornell.cs.nlp.spf.parser.ccg.rules.IUnaryParseRule`.
#### Basic Operations on Categories
See `ICatagoeryServices`.
More coming soon ...
### Known Issues
**The CKY parser output doesn't marginalize properly over logical forms under certain conditions.**

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