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Bringing Memcached to the web.
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Bringing Memcached to the web

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Table of Contents


  • Detailed statistics, charts & graphs
  • Data management for Memcached (full CRUD support)
  • Memcached cluster health dashboard
  • Memcached host dashboard
  • Update check
  • Nice & comfortable UI
  • Clean & well documented code
  • Responsive and mobile ready


This software is currently in early alpha state and so i want to warn - There is currently no ciritcal bug i know about but maybe still some potential for (Memcached) data loss - from my point of view its not critical in development cause it's a non-persistent memory store we're talkin about - but it's just fair to warn you before you use it! :)


  • PHP >= 5.3 (compatible up to version 5.6 - but not compatible with hhvm)


phpMemAdmin was designed as helper while developing a cache in PHP using Memcached as in memory store. I had a need for a tool which displays me modified data stored in Memcached for example. The existing tools did not provide a UI i would describe as usable so i wrote my own. Trying to align it with the PECL Memcached extension.


The recommended way to install this tool is through Composer. Require the clickalicious/phpmemadmin package into your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "clickalicious/phpmemadmin": "~0.3"
    "scripts": {
    	"post-autoload-dump": [

Important! The postInstall call is important - it installs all required files and shows you an example vhost configuration for your installation. So be sure to add it to the composer.json (as shown above) before you call composer install. phpMemAdmin requires at least v0.4.0 of Memcached.php!

phpMemAdmin is also available as download from github packed as zip-file or via git clone .


After install is completed you will find a configuration file called .config.dist in the directory app/. Rename this file to .config to enable you local configuration. The configuration is a simple JSON-structure which is self explaining. Example (.config.dist):

  "username": "admin",
  "password": "pass",
  "timeout": -1,
  "cluster": {
    "name": "Cluster",
    "thresholds": {
        "notice": 50,
        "warning": 75,
        "error": 95
    "hosts": [
        "host": "",
        "port": 11211
  "render": {
    "auto": true
  "format": {
    "date": "Y-m-dTH:i:s"
  "updatecheck": false

As you can see - you can add hosts of your cluster to hosts node in the tree. To enable updatecheck set it to true. Of course be sure to change username and password!


Cluster Dashboard
Cluster Dashboard

Host Dashboard
Host Dashboard

Data Management
Host Dashboard


There is currently no documentation.


For a consistent versioning i decided to make use of Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 Its easy to understand, very common and known from many other software projects.


  • General stability improvements and tests
  • Realtime statistics
  • Move all assets from CDN to local filesystem as precondition for compiling everything into a single file app (requires an issue).
  • Move "settings" from dashboard to an own page
  • Add more checks to cluster health check
  • Add Slab Statistics and Overview page

Participate & share

... yeah. If you're a code monkey too - maybe we can build a force ;) If you would like to participate in either Code, Comments, Documentation, Wiki, Bug-Reports, Unit-Tests, Bug-Fixes, Feedback and/or Critic then please let me know as well!

Known Limitations

phpMemAdmin sometimes has trouble reading data written by PHP Memcache and/or PHP Memcached (note the d at the end) extension. So if you try to read data written by any of these extensions and get in trouble try to reset the store to clean state and try to manage data with phpMemAdmin. I still work on those compatibility issues trying to fix them to provide a maximum of compatibility and stability as well.

Security Issues

If you encounter a (potential) security issue don't hesitate to get in contact with me before releasing it to the public. So i get a chance to prepare and release an update before the issue is getting shared. Thank you!


Thanks to our sponsors and supporters:

JetBrains Navicat
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