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The Anchovy Clickbait Detector by written in Python 3


  1. Download training data: and copy to /data and
  2. git clone
  3. cd anchovy
  4. pip install all dependencies
  5. python3 You can edit flags in
  6. python3 -i test_data -o output
  7. python3 test_data/truth.jsonl ./output/results.jsonl output.prototext

If you don't have locally your test data and you want to evaluate on

  1. ask for a account to
  2. ssh @ -p
  3. git clone, cd etc.
  4. scp -P -r data/runs/* @:anchovy/data/runs
  5. Go to page and submit first program python3 anchovy/ -i $inputDataset -o $outputDir. Run it
  6. Wait for approval and see your results