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Clickbait Detection

Using scikit learn RandomForestClassifier to detect clickbait.

Data taken from here:

Sample output:

cross val:
[ 0.77972466  0.79197995  0.79673777]
roc auc:
[[454 136]
 [ 33 377]]
              precision    recall  f1-score   support

   clickbait       0.93      0.77      0.84       590
no-clickbait       0.73      0.92      0.82       410

 avg / total       0.85      0.83      0.83      1000

false positive target titles:
LeBron James' personal barber: 'There is no dye'
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Natasha Lyonne on Meeting Nicki Minaj, Preparing for “Orange Is The New Black” & Why She Hates Spanx  [Video]
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