A Chrome extension to help block clickbait.
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Clickbait Blocker Chrome Extension

Let's face it, there is a lot of clickbait out there. There are many site's whose entire existence is to create inflamed article titles so that you click on them. Sometimes, it is easy to know that there are to be ignored, sometimes it is more difficult.

In comes the Clickbait Blocker, a Chrome browser extension to help you weed through the many clickbaity sites out there. Clickbait Blocker will automatically cover clickbaity content, and warn you of sites that are known to be overly full of clickbait. You can also configure Clickbait blocker to block more sites that you would like to block, or whitelist sites that are in our community blocklist.


For regular usage, the extension can be installed in the Chrome Web Store. Regular updates will be made to the extension there.


TODO: How to add/remove sites into the blocklist.


TODO: How to contribute.

Adding / Removing sites to the blocklist

TODO: Determine specifics on how we will add / remove sites.


The code within this repository is under the MIT License.