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About Hobo and .hobo Files

Hobo is a Mac OS X application by Click On Tyler that acts as a GUI layer on top of HashiCorp's Vagrant software.

Hobo generates .hobo files, which are designed to live in your source control where you would normally store your Vagrantfile. The Hobo application allows you to edit basic settings within your .hobo file and then compile those settings into a proper Vagrantfile. Thus, rather than maintaining a Vagrantfile, you manage your Vagrant environment with Hobo and your .hobo file.

The chief benefit of using a .hobo file is that it allows you to manage your Vagrantfile content in addition to the provisioning commands that go along with it and that are typically stored in a file.

Hobo is not designed to replace complex provisioning setups that make use of Chef or Puppet. Hobo is not a tool for serious sys-admins deploying complex Vagrant environments. It's designed to be used by casual hobbyists and professionals who have a need for easily reproducable test environments on their local Macs.

.hobo files are self-contained and designed to be shared. Technical managers can create one hobo file representing their company's development environment and then pass that .hobo file around to their non-technical employees, who can then open that file in Hobo and launch a Vagrant environment without any command line knowledge. Further, useful .hobo files are encouraged to be shared publicly via this repository so that others can find, download, and install them.


We encourage you to contribute useful .hobo files to this repository for the benefit of the community. Feel free to fork this repo and submit a pull request. Or, you can simply email your .hobo file to and we'll add it here for you.

Directory of Hobo Files

This section contains an annotated directory of all the publicly available .hobo files available in this repo.


A user-submitted collection of Hobo documents for setting up useful Vagrant environments.




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