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Period Name Initials
2014- Johann Mattis List JML
2014-2018 Anselm Terhalle AT
2014-2018 Matthias Urban MU
2014-2019 Thomas Mayer TM
2018- Robert Forkel RF
2018- Simon J. Greenhill SJG
2018- Tiago Tresoldi TT
2018-2019 Cormac Anderson CA
2019- Christoph Rzymski CR

Grant information

The CLICS resource is the result of ongoing efforts which date back to early 2013. Without the generous support of many different funding agencies, we would not have been able to carry out this research. The table below lists, who has profited during which time periods from what research projects awarded by which funding agency.

Period Grant Name Grant Type Funding Agency Grant Number Beneficiaries
2012-2014 Quantitative modelling of historical-comparative linguistics ERC Starting Grant European Research Council 240816 JML
2015-2016 Vertical and lateral aspects of Chinese dialect history Research Fellowship German Research Council 261553824 JML
2017-now Computer-Assisted Language Comparison ERC Starting Grant European Research Council 206320 JML
2012-2016 Discovering Trans-New Guinea: Revealing the history of New Guinea ARC Discovery Projects Australian Research Council DE 120101954 SJG
2015-now ARC Center of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language Center of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language Australian Research Council CE140100041 SJG
2014-2017 Glottobank Project Marsden Fund Royal Society of New Zealand 13-UOA-121 SJG, JML, RF
2014-now Glottobank Project Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human history SJG, JML, RF
2014-2017 CLLD Project Max Planck Society RF


While the first CLICS database was based on three datasets alone, advanced approaches to data aggregation have enabled us to increase the number of different resources drastically. In order to lift these resources to the formats needed, people helped us in multiple ways, by linking languages to Glottolog (G), by mapping concepts to Concepticon (C), by writing the code to convert the data into the CLDF format (D), by digitizing resources for the CLICS database (Dig) by sharing their originally collected data with us (S), or by organizing workshops to teach how to add more data to CLICS (T).

For all this help, we are very grateful and express our gratitude.

Name Contribution Version
Abbie Hantgan GCDigS CLICS³
Briana Van Epps GC CLICS³
Carolin Hundt GC CLICS³
Ezequiel Koile GC CLICS³
Gereon A. Kaiping GCD CLICS³
Heini Arjava GC CLICS³
Ingrid Blanco GC CLICS³
Kristina Pianykh GCDig CLICS³
Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm T CLICS³
Mariann Proos GC CLICS³
Mei-Shin Wu GCD CLICS³
Natalia Morozova GCDig CLICS³
Nataliia Hübler GC CLICS³
Nathanael E. Schweikhard GC CLICS³
Sallona Ramesh GC CLICS³
Sergei Monakhov GC CLICS³
Sophie Chang Dig CLICS³
Steve Pepper GC CLICS³
Timotheus A. Bodt GCDigS CLICS³
Volker Gast T CLICS³
Yunfan Lai GCDig CLICS³