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ipcat: datasets for categorizing IP addresses.

Archived in 2023. Please fork and edit as you wish. It's MIT now. Onward -- nickg

This is a list of IPv4 addresses that correspond to datacenters, co-location centers, shared and virtual webhosting providers. In other words, ip addresses that end web consumers should not be using.


Check out the new datacenter stats

What is the file format?

Standard CSV with ip-start, ip-end (inclusive, in dot-notation), name of provider, url of provider. IP ranges are non-overlapping, and in sorted order.

Why is hosting provider XXX is missing?

It might not be. Many providers are resellers of another and will be included under another name or ip range.

Also, as of 16-Oct-2011, many locations from Africa, Latin America, Korea and Japan are missing.

Or, it might just be missing. Please let us know!

Why GitHub + CSV?

The goal of the file format and the use of github was designed to make it really easy for other to send patches or additions. It also provides an easy way of keeping track of changes.

How is this generated?

Manually from users like you, and automatically via proprietary discovery algorithms.

Who made this?

Nick Galbreath. See more at