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SQL / SQLI tokenizer parser analyzer
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SQL / SQLI tokenizer parser analyzer. For

See for details and presentations.

To use: look at sqli_cli.c, reader.c, and fptool as examples, but it's as simple as this:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <strings.h>
#include "libinjection.h"

int main(int argc, const char* argv[])
    sfilter state;
    int issqli

    const char* input = argv[1];
    size_t slen = strlen(input);

    /* in real-world, you would url-decode the input, etc */

    libinjection_sqli_init(&state, input, slen, FLAG_NONE);
    issqli = libinjection_is_sqli(&state);
    if (issqli) {
        fprintf(sterr, "sqli detected with fingerprint of '%s'\n", state.pat);
    return issqli;
$ gcc -Wall -Wextra examples.c libinjection_sqli.c
$ ./a.out "-1' and 1=1 union/* foo */select load_file('/etc/passwd')--"
sqli detected with fingerprint of 's&1UE'


See CHANGELOG for details.

Versions are listed as "major.minor.point"

Major are significant changes to the API and/or fingerprint format. Applications will need recompiling and/or refactoring.

Minor are C code changes. These may include

  • logical change to detect or suppress
  • optimization changes
  • code refactoring

Point releases are purely data changes. These may be safely applied.


Use the diagnostic test page at

For quick experiments, cracking and breaking, and other ad-hoc tests.

At is a integration server showing automated testing:

  • build and unit-tests under GCC latest
  • build, unit-tests and static analysis using clang
  • results from cppcheck (static analysis on C code)
  • results from pylint and pyflake (static analysis on python helper scripts)
  • results from valgrind (memory errors)
  • performance tests using gprof
  • false negatives and positives reports


Copyright (c) 2012,2013 Nick Galbreath

Licensed under the standard BSD open source license. See COPYING.txt for details.

Commercial and support licenses available.

Send requests to


The 'c' directory contains everything, but you only need to copy the following into your source tree:

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