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Added html() method to AMLQuery

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commit e48b8426d514a5db02c60a409d3911b51e62467d 1 parent 838ebc8
@ilinsky ilinsky authored
9 reference/books/ample/runtime/AMLQuery.xml
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<object name="AMLQuery">
- Holds a collection of elements returned from <link type="object">ample</link>() function call.
+ Holds a collection of elements returned from <link type="object">ample</link>.<link type="method" href="runtime:ample">query</link>() function call.
<remarks />
@@ -316,6 +316,13 @@
+ <method name="html" type="String">
+ <description>
+ <locale>
+ Returns inner content of the first element in set serialized to XML.
+ </locale>
+ </description>
+ </method>
<method name="appendTo" type="AMLQuery">
18 reference/books/ample/runtime/ample.xml
@@ -1,14 +1,20 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="../../../stylesheets/page.xsl"?>
-<object name="ample">
+<object name="ample" extends="runtime:AMLDocument">
- jQuery-like API to Ample SDK. Can be called in any of the following flavours.
+ Represents the document created out of all Ample SDK fragments found on the page.
+ </locale>
+ </abstract>
+ <abstract>
+ <locale>
+ If you are coming from the jQuery universe, you will most likely enjoy using <link type="object">ample</link>.<link type="method">query</link> function,
+ which is the jQuery-like API to Ample SDK. The function is overloaded and it can be called in any of the following flavours:
- <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>(String <em>selector</em>[, <link type="object">AMLNode</link> <em>context</em>[, Function <em>NSResolver</em>]])</li>
- <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>(String <em>xml</em>)</li>
- <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>(<link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <em>collection</em>)</li>
- <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>(<link type="object">AMLElement</link> <em>element</em>)</li>
+ <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>.query(String <em>selector</em>[, <link type="object">AMLNode</link> <em>context</em>[, Function <em>NSResolver</em>]])</li>
+ <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>.query(String <em>xml</em>)</li>
+ <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>.query(<link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <em>collection</em>)</li>
+ <li><link type="object">AMLQuery</link> <link type="object">ample</link>.query(<link type="object">AMLElement</link> <em>element</em>)</li>
2  reference/index.html
@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@
<frameset cols="280,*">
<frame src="books/ample.xml" name="book" scrolling="yes" frameborder="1"/>
- <frame src="about:blank" scrolling="yes" name="content"/>
+ <frame src="books/ample/runtime/ample.xml" scrolling="yes" name="content"/>

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