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Jinx is a prototype iPhone chat application which was originally developed as part of a one week interview exercise. During development a virtual sprint was conducted in which I planned the project, estimated the effort, wrote unit tests and delivered an overall product to my hiring engineering manager who was acting as the product owner. It has been a while sine the project has seen an update but I am now attempting to recode the app using iOS7 features.

The original app was written using iOS 4 and can still be run in that environment, use

git clone https://github.com/cliff76/Jinx.git 

to checkout and build the app under an ios6 and below environment. If you wish to see the ongoing ios7 work run

git checkout ios7Mods

immediately after cloning to build in the latest version of XCode.

Jinx is a chat app which features very rudimentary artificial intelligence. Select a chat buddy to begin an IM conversation. It showcases my work with Core Audio and audio sessions using pseudo TTS along with some basic video features. You can simulate a video call with any of the artificial chat buddies which loads a call screen that supports a video preview and TV Out. The chat buddy will talk using audio pre-generated from OpenMary TTS.

Work in progress

  • updating to use storyboard
  • fix broken animations and splash screen
  • Update the documentation