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1st 100 Days of Code project 100 days of Code Challenge with CodeNewbie Day 1

After listening to this week’s CodeNewbie podcast and joining into the weekly twitter chat, I’m game to give the 100 days of Coding a spin.

There was guest, Alexander Kallaway, who started the #100daysOfCode hashtag and wrote about the challenge on Medium.

The chat was so much info and so much advice, I had to digest the comments and come up with something that can get me through the next 100 days. I joined Free Code Camp to get a look at how I could help me stay coding consistently. This site is pretty good, however the HTML & CSS section was boring me to sleep. I want to work trough it, but I don’t want to bore myself out of the challenge.

So, I took to our Twitter DM group that was formed to see what folks were deciding to work on. One twitter buddy, @MageeWorld, had great information on GitHub. I haven’t used it in a while, but I’m going to try to push something each day, for some visible accountability.

I’ve settled on a tip calculator to work on a bit of JavaScript. I forked it off CodePen and I’m making several changes along the way. I just needed to start coding SOMETHING!