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Minimalist-omakase build tool for node.js projects
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A minimalistic build tool for Node.js projects.


Bob provides common build targets (clean, checkstyle, lint, test, coverage, package, deploy, stop, start, status, restart) for Node.js libs/apps. It essentially allows multiple projects to use the same Makefile stored in a global node_modules. Bob uses bash shell.


npm install -g bob


Bob reads package.json file. NOTE:

  • each property under "bob" is optional
  • bob property value with ${name} or ${version} will be populated with name and version values accordingly


    "name": "myproject",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "bob": {
        "src": {
            "dir": "mysrc/"
        "checkstyle": {
            "files": "foo.js bar/",
            "opts": "--checkstyle"
        "hint": {
            "files": "foo.js bar/",
            "opts": "--jslint-reporter --config path/to/hintconfig.js"
        "lint": {
            "files": "foo.js bar/",
            "opts": "--reporter path/to/lintreporter.js --config path/to/lintconfig.js"
        "test": {
            "files": "bar/*.js",
            "opts": "--dot-matrix"
        "coverage": {
            "files": "bar/*.js",
            "opts": "--cover-html"
        "packagemeta": {
            "dir": "conf",
            "file": "artifact-meta.json"
        "template": {
            "conf/artifact-meta.json": ["version", "name"]
        "deploy": {
            "user": "myuser",
            "key": "/local/path/to/mykey"
            "host": "myremotehost",
            "port": 22,
            "dir": "/remote/path/to/${name}/${version}"

Project convention:

  • package.json - project descriptor
  • lib/ - .js library files
  • test/ - .js test files
  • build/ - reserved and generated by Bob to store buildtime reports/artifacts
  • run/ - reserved and generated by Bob to store runtime logs/pids
  • (optional, only relevant when your project is an app) {name}-app.js - main app file, must support node {name}-app.js start|stop|restart|status, e.g. using learnboost/cluster


Install required tools. (per Bob installation)

bob tools

Install project dependencies. (per Node.js project)

bob dep

Run Bob from project directory.

bob target1 target2 target3 ...

Run Bob with specific environment. (by default it uses NODE_ENV=development)

NODE_ENV=production bob start

Run Bob in robot mode (generate XML reports)

BOB_MODE=robot bob checkstyle hint test


  • clean - Delete build/ and run/ directories, along with any nohup.* and *.log files
  • checkstyle - Run jscheckstyle against all .js files under lib/ directory, configurable via {bob.checkstyle.files}
  • lint - Run nodelint against all .js files under lib/ and test/ directories, configurable via {bob.lint.files}
  • hint - Run jshint against all .js files under lib/ and test/ directories, configurable via {bob.hint.files}
  • test - Run vows against all .js files under test/ directory, configurable via {bob.test.files}. Run npm test if scripts.test exists in package.json
  • coverage - Run vows against all .js files under test/ directory with coverage flag, configurable via {bob.coverage.files}
  • package - Create a .tar.gz package at build/artifact/ directory, along with md5 and sha1 checksums.
  • package-meta - Add a meta file to build/artifact, along with md5 and sha1 checksums.
  • versionup - Upgrade build version number in package.json
  • versionup-minor - Upgrade minor version number in package.json
  • versionup-major - Upgrade major version number in package.json
  • template - Replace variables in template files with values from package.json. E.g. bob.template config in Config example above, will replace ${version} and ${name} in conf/artifact-meta.json with '0.0.1' and 'myproject'
  • stop - Stop the app. Run npm stop if scripts.stop exists in package.json
  • start - Start the app. Run npm start if scripts.start exists in package.json
  • restart - Restart the app. Run npm restart if scripts.restart exists in package.json
  • status - Display app status
  • nuke - Kill all processes with command containing the word 'node'
  • send - Send the artifacts to {bob.deploy.user}@{}:{bob.deploy.port} at {bob.deploy.dir}, remember to configure the private key for the specified user
  • deploy - Send, then unpack the main .tar.gz artifact
  • deploy-r - Deploy the package and then remotely restart the app
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