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Minimalist-omakase build tool for node.js projects

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Convention-based build tool for Node.js projects.


npm install -g bob

Project Convention


  • package.json - project descriptor file
  • lib/ - directory containing JavaScript library files
  • test/ - directory containing JavaScript test files

Optional (only relevant when project is an app):

  • {name}.js - main app file, must support node {name}.js start|stop|restart|status
  • run/ - directory containing any runtime information like pid or log files

Reserved and generated by Bob:

  • build/ - directory containing build reports and artifacts


Bob can be run from the project root directory (same level as package.json file).

Install project dependencies (per Node.js project):

bob dep

Run Bob from project directory:

bob target1 target2 target3 ...

Run Bob with specific environment: (if unspecified, NODE_ENV defaults to 'development')

NODE_ENV=production bob start

Run Bob in robot mode and generate XML reports: (if unspecified, BOB_MODE defaults to 'human')

BOB_MODE=robot bob lint test


dep Install all dependencies specified in package.json file by executing npm install . .
tools Install all Bob dependencies having binary executablein the global scope.
clean Delete build/ and run/ directories, along with any nohup.* and *.log files.
lint Run jshint/node-jshint or tav/nodelint against all .js files in lib/ and test/ directories.
style Run nomiddlename/jscheckstyle against all .js files in lib/ directory.
test Run cloudhead/vows against all .js files in test/ directory.
coverage (experimental) Run visionmedia/node-jscoverage via cloudhead/vows against all .js files in test/ and lib/ directories.
doc Run nodeca/ndoc against all .js files in lib/ directory.
versionup Upgrade patch version number in package.json file.
versionup-minor Upgrade minor version number in package.json file.
versionup-major Upgrade major version number in package.json file.
template (experimental) Populate variables in template files with values from package.json file.
stop Stop the app by executing node {name}.js stop .
start Start the app by executing node {name}.js start .
restart Restart the app by executing node {name}.js restart .
status Display app status by executing node {name}.js status .
nuke Kill all processes with command containing the word 'node' .
package Create a .tar.gz package file at build/artifact/ directory, along with md5 and sha1 checksums of the package file.
package-meta (experimental) Create a meta file to build/artifact, along with md5 and sha1 checksums of the meta file.
deploy (experimental) Upload the .tar.gz package file to a remote location, either via SCP or FTP.
deploy-unpack (experimental) Deploy, then remotely unpack the .tar.gz package file via SSH.
deploy-restart (experimental) Deploy, unpack, then remotely execute node {name.js} restart .

Continuous Integration

Travis CI

Add this scripts.test to project's package.json file:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "npm install -g bob; bob clean lint test coverage;"

Jenkins CI

Install Bob on the server, then configure a job with shell script build step:

bob clean lint test coverage;




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