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Convo agent for Thomas the Tank Engine Facts application
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Convo Thomas

Convo Thomas is a Convo agent for Thomas the Tank Engine Facts, an application which provides facts on the engines from Thomas & Friends children books and TV series.

This application is an interactive voice interface for children to learn about words, numbers, and names from Thomas & Friends universe.

For example, the children can ask the question:

What is Thomas' number?

and Google Assistant would answer:

Thomas' number is 1.

Architecture Diagram


Download all dependencies:

make deps

Fetch Convo Thomas data from DBpedia and generate Mustache configuration file:

make config

Build Convo Dialogflow agent and create a package:

make build package

Publish the package to Dialogflow:

make publish


The engines along with the questions and answers can be tweaked by modifying the following configuration files:

DBpedia resources

The DBpedia resource names for the engines in Thomas & Friends are configured in conf/dbpedia-resources-engines , which is a plain text file with a single resource name on each line.

For example, for DBpedia resource, the name that you have to supply in the configuration file is Thomas_the_Tank_Engine .

The resource names listed in this configuration files will then be used as the source of Convo Thomas facts.

Convo Thomas topics

The topics for Convo Thomas are configured in conf/topics.json .

Key Description
<topic> The DBpedia resource's triple predicate's nominal value
<topic>.convo.queries.messages.<lang> A list of messages which Dialogflow agent will respond to for a given topic
<topic>.convo.queries.replies.<lang> A list of responses which Dialogflow agent will use to respond to the corresponding message for a given topic


Related Projects:

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  • Convo Generator - Convo agent and middleware generator
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