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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
import "./StockRoomBase.sol";
* @title ShopFactory
* @notice Defines functions and events related to management of Shops
contract ShopFactory is StockRoomBase {
* @dev emitted upon creation of a shop
* @return uint256 shopId
event NewShop(address indexed owner, uint256 shopId, string name);
* @notice Create a Shop
function createShop(
string _name,
string _desc,
string _fiat
returns (uint256)
// Get Shop ID and owner address
uint256 shopId = shops.length;
address owner = msg.sender;
// Create and store Shop
shops.push(Shop(owner, shopId, _name, _desc, _fiat));
// Map Shop ID to owner address
shopToOwner[shopId] = owner;
// Add Shop ID to Owner's Shops list
// Give the owner the ROLE_SHOP_OWNER role
addRole(owner, ROLE_SHOP_OWNER);
// Send an event with the name of the new shop
emit NewShop(owner, shopId, _name);
// Return the new Shop ID
return shopId;
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