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Key Contributions:

You might ask, why 'another' HRV toolbox? The following is a list of key contributions this toolbox and accompanying publication makes to the field, and why you might want to use this in preference to other toolboxes and software out there.

  • A full suite of waveform processing tools, for end-to-end processing
  • Detailed explanations of preprocessing and parameter choices to identify where divergences in methods can occur, and to provide standardization in the field
  • Benchmarked against other open source HRV tools to identify when they disagree with each other
  • Benchmarked against PhysioNet's C code for compatibility, and hence can be used as a prototyping platform before switching to C for large scalable tasks or embedded systems
  • A mostly comprehensive collection of standard and more recent HRV tools that go beyond other toolboxes
  • Fully scriptable with no libraries outside Matlab required for reading data and annotations
  • Fully WFDB-compatible
  • Compatibility with commercial software often used by clinicians (e.g. Kubios)
  • Open source and versioned on Github so the community may build upon it.