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icosoc Update syscalls.c for new newlib version in updated riscv-gnu-toolchain Apr 3, 2018

Directory icoprog

Low-level programming tool for IcoBoard. Runs on Raspberry Pi. Usually called via SSH from a workstation (unless FPGA bit-streams are generated locally on the Raspberry Pi).

Directory examples

Small and simple example designs that run on the IcoBoard.

Directory icosoc

Simple System-on-Chip (SoC) generator for PicoRV32-based SoCs running on the IcoBoard. Including standard components for GPIO, RS232, SPI, ...

Directory makeimg

Scripts used to generate Raspbian images with pre-installed icotools, icestorm flow, and RISC-V compilers.

Directory mxoprog

Programming tools and image for the MachXO2 auxiliary FPGA on the IcoBoard. The MachXO2 on IcoBoards is pre-programmed. No need to use this tool unless you want to change the MachXO2 bit-stream.