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      * IcoProg -- Programmer and Debug Tool for the IcoBoard *

The IcoBoard is a Raspberry PI hat featuring the ICE40 HX8K fpga. It
can be programmed using the IceStorm Open Source FPGA flow:


Installing (Raspberry PI)

Start by installing a RASPBIAN JESSIE image on an SD-card. Follow the
installation guide on the Raspberry PI web page:


Boot the Raspberry PI from the SD card. Open a console window or
login to the Raspberry PI via ssh and execute the commands below
to setup the IcoBoard environment.

Expanding the root Filesystem

Optionally expand the root filesystem to the entire SD card:

	sudo raspi-config

Select "Expand Filesystem" and reboot the Raspberry PI.

Installing wiringPi

IcoProg uses the wiringPi library. So we need to install it:

	cd $HOME
	git clone git://git.drogon.net/wiringPi
	cd wiringPi && ./build

Installing IcoProg

Next we install IcoProg itself:

	cd $HOME
	git clone https://github.com/cliffordwolf/icotools.git
	cd icotools/icoprog && make install

Installing (USB Base Board)

The icoUSBaseboard is an alternative carrier board for the IcoBoard which allows
programming the IcoBoard directly via USB from a Linux PC. Build IcoProg on the
Linux PC with the make parameter `USBMODE=1` for this hardware setup:

	cd $HOME
	git clone https://github.com/cliffordwolf/icotools.git
	cd icotools/icoprog && make USBMODE=1 install

Installing (UP Board)

The UP Board is a Raspberry PI compatible X86 single-board computer. Build
IcoProg on the UP Board with the make parameter `GPIOMODE=1`:

	cd $HOME
	git clone https://github.com/cliffordwolf/icotools.git
	cd icotools/icoprog && make GPIOMODE=1 install

Next Steps

See http://www.clifford.at/icestorm/#install for instructions on
installing the FOSS iCE40 toolchain. You can install it on any Linux
PC, or directly on the raspberry pi.

Running `make example_sram` in this directory will build a trivial example
and upload it to the IcoBoard. On a PC it will expect the raspberry pi to be
reachable with "ssh pi@raspi" without password authentication (i.e.
authentication using SSH keys).

See https://github.com/cliffordwolf/icotools/tree/master/icosoc for a
much larger example application. (A complete SoC built around the