Module Routing Function API Refactor #112

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cliftonc commented Sep 27, 2011

At the moment, once a route is matched within a module, it makes a call back to the routing function like this:

Route defined:

    module.router.addRoute('GET /', homePage, {template:'list', block:'content.home'}, this.parallel());

Callback when matched:

    function homePage(req, res, template, block, next) {}

Before we get too many modules, I am considering refactoring this to make it more future proof, e.g.

    function homePage(req, res, options, next) {}

where in this example, options = {template:templateFn, block:'content.home'}

It would involve changes to every module (not a big deal at the moment as there are only about 15 of them), but will make it much more flexible going forwards.

? If I don't get any comments I'll assume that silence gives consent!


cliftonc was assigned Sep 27, 2011

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