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I am exploring use of directly from a module. This seems to work, and these are instructions if you want to try.

(However, the sessions need to play well with, as given here: This needs some exploration. )

First change app.js (in root of calipso) as follows:

var socket_io=require("");
// within express.boot() function
     if (app) {
          var server=http.createServer(app);  // requires access to http.Server object.
          var io=socket_io.listen(server);
          app.socketIO=io;  // You need to access this object from modules as
          var out = server.listen(port, function () {

And within the module, use this code. I presume this should be in the route handler code (as opposed to init).'connection',  function(socket) {
     socket.emit('news', <<data object>>); // send something to client.
     socket.on('flag', function(data){...} ); // receive something from client.

And you will also need to put in the usual client code in one of the module templates.

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