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Add better comments to template module #45

adrinux opened this Issue · 6 comments

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So. If the example 'template' module has:

 * Every page block function
function allPages(req, res, template, block, next) {

  var myVariable = "Hello World on every page!";
  var item = {
    id: "NA",
    type: 'content',
    meta: {
      variable: myVariable

  calipso.theme.renderItem(req, res, template, block, {
    item: item


Why doesn't a block with "Hello World on every page!" appear on every page?
I started work on an admin toolbar module, but can't fathom why a block isn't appearing, despite looking at core/community modules.


The module needs to be turned on, and the block needs to be rendered in a template within the theme. If you look in the init function, you will see that by default that function renders to a block called 'right', so this needs to be included in the right.js / right.html in the theme (the name is just a key, you have to include it for it to appear).

You will see that for most things, the block is something like content.blah - and the theme typically uses a regex to render anything /content.*/ to the body element of a page. The template module isn't actually a great example any more, specifically with cleanslate as it doesn't include it by default ... needs to be fixed!




Also - note on the other issue, is that it definitely shouldn't be called right! :)


On the other hand, including too many things in cleanslate would turn it into a misnomer.

I think that the 'template' module just needs beefier comments. A good place to start might be to paste your comment in this thread at the top of the template module.


@adrinux / cliftonc - comment & close [this thread]?


A more descriptive title - haven't had time to get back to this issue yet.


Will target a full breadth example / template module for the 0.3.0 release.

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