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DHd2016: project documentation

This is accompanying material for the proposal "Topic, Genre, Text. Topics im Textverlauf von Untergattungen des spanischen und hispanoamerikanischen Romans (1880-1930)", authored by Christof Schöch, Ulrike Henny, José Calvo, Daniel Schlör, Stefanie Popp and submitted for the 2016 DHd conference in Leipzig.

tmw: Python module and configuration file for the Topic Modeling Workflow

  • tmw.py
  • tmw_config.py data: Data related to the conducted Topic Modeling
  • 6_mallet
  • 7_aggregates
  • 8_visuals: wordles of the topics + visuals mentioned in the proposal
  • extras: additional files for data preparation
  • metadata.csv: metadata describing the text collection used