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Open Study Room

Open Study Room (OSR) is a community of go/baduk/weiqi players who share, build and organize knowledge, opportunities and resources for learning, studying and playing Go online as part of a thriving worldwide community.

You can always meet us in our discord server.

Our website

This is the code of our website that runs at

This website is written in python and powered by the django framework.

The project is under GNU GPL 3.

You are welcome to help us improve it or use it as the base for your own go community website.

It comes with the folowing tools:


To manage the content, we use the wagtail CMS along with the puput blogging app.

The models and templates of this app can be found in the home folder.

A forum

The forum is powered by machina and uses mistune for markdown formating.

Custom template forum base template in openstudyroom/templates/boardbase.html.

A league app

Allow hosting go leagues where games are played on the KGS or OGS go server. A cron job can get games automatically from those servers.

Note that the auth model league.models.User is in here.

The scraper() function inside league.views is run by cron every 5 mins.

It's all under the league folder.

A tournament app

Allow hosting go tournaments. Games must be uploaded manually by admins.

A calendar and game planning tools

Allow admins to manage calendar events and users to plan games.

The client side is rendered by the js fullcalendar library.

Js goodies

[gmt] tag

This js will replace every [gmt]YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm[/gmt] to the locale datetime in the user timezone. Example output in french "dimanche 11 novembre 2018 19:00 (Europe/Paris)".

It is loaded on all .rich-text elements here and in the forum .post elements here.

[goban] tag

This js allow to replace [goban url="url/of/the/url"]some interactive comments[/goban] to a go board using the wgo.js library.

It's loaded on the forum .post-content elements here.

It's functionalities are documented here.


Have a look at our contributing guidelines here.

Working with Docker

With the current Dockerfile and Docker compose, you can build everything with:

docker-compose docker-compose -f build

Then, you can

  • Run the web server with:
docker-compose -f up app
  • Run ruff checks with:
docker-compose -f run --rm ruff
  • Launch the container cli (for ewample to update translations):
docker-compose -f run --rm cli


Website for the Open Study Room online go/baduk/weiqi community.








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