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Python client for DICOMweb RESTful services
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DICOMweb Client

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Python client for DICOMweb services.


Please refer to the online documentation at, which includes a user guide with examples, a developer guide, and complete documentation of the application programming interface of the dicomweb_client Python package as well as the command line interface of the dicomweb_client program.


Please cite the following article when using the client for scientific studies: Herrmann et al. J Path Inform. 2018:

        Herrmann, M. D. and Clunie, D. A. and Fedorov A. and Doyle, S. W. and Pieper, S. and
        Klepeis, V. and Le, L. P. and Mutter, G. L. and Milstone, D. S. and Schultz, T. J. and
        Kikinis, R. and Kotecha, G. K. and Hwang, D. H. and Andriole, K, P. and Iafrate, A. J. and
        Brink, J. A. and Boland, G. W. and Dreyer, K. J. and Michalski, M. and
        Golden, J. A. and Louis, D. N. and Lennerz, J. K.
    Title={Implementing the {DICOM} standard for digital pathology},
    Journal={Journal of Pathology Informatics},

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