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Clinico Omics in The Genius Medicine Consortium ( TGMC )

From Integrated Research to Precision Medicine: validated, normalized and interoperable data for machine learning apps and enrichment of clinical and omics data

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  1. Docker compose for all sub-systems of clinico-omics platform.

    Lua 1

  2. An out-of-box Pipeline Analyzer for sequencing data, e.g. RNA-Seq, WES, WGS etc.

    JavaScript 1

  3. Data integration service (Datains) for the Clinico Omics Platform.

    Clojure 1

  4. Make research tool as a service in the biomedical research...

    Clojure 1

  5. Omics Data Commons


  6. A suite of programs for interacting with high-throughput sequencing data.



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