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main.go client CircleCI

This is a little side-project to learn Go and write a command line application using Cobra with a remote API endpoint deployed using Heroku.

The client uses the backend at per default, but you can host the server by yourself, it works fine with Heroku and the default PostgreSQL add-on.

Make sure to set CLINOTES_API_HOSTNAME in your environment after setting up a custom endpoint, or just configure your API endpoint within the ~/.clinotes.yaml configuration file.


Feel free to use the client code, it's released using the GPLv3 license.



Homebrew on MacOS

$ > brew tap clinotes/cn
$ > brew install cn




  • auth - Authorize client
  • auth request - Request new authorization token
  • config - Show client configuration
  • signup - Create new account
  • signup verify - Verify created account
  • version - Show client version


  • me - Show information for your account
  • subscribe - Subscribe account to paid plan


  • add - Add note - not available yet
  • start - Start timer - not available yet
  • stop - Stop timer - not available yet
  • today - Show today's notes - not available yet
  • yesterday - Show yesterday's notes - not available yet


Create account

Configure CLINOTES_API_HOSTNAME if you do not want to use the default API endpoint for your requests.

$ > cn signup --mail ""

You wil receive an email at the provided address with a token to verify your account.

Verify account

$ > cn signup verify --mail "" --token "leOhEHjDJh"

Together with the token from the verification request mail you can now verify that you are the owner of the provided email address.


You need a valid token to use the command line application. After verifying your account, just request a new token:

$ > cn auth request --mail ""

The token will be delivered right into your mailbox again.


$ > cn auth --mail "" --token "ncMqN4VXSN"

If the provided token is valid to authorize access to your account, the configuration will be stored in your ~/.clinotes.yaml file and you are ready to use cn for writing notes.

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