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+Flare v0.18 Credits
+Anton Golov |
+Artur "Zear" Rojek
+Chris Oelmueller
+Clint Bellanger |
+David Bariod
+Daniel Santos
+Henrik Andersson |
+Igor Paliychuk
+Joseph Bleu
+Juan PabloTamayo "morris989"
+Justin Jacobs |
+Kyle Belanger
+Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo
+Matthew Krohn |
+Pavel Kirpichyov "Cheshire"
+Stefan Beller |
+Thane "pennomi" Brimhall |
+Brandon Morris "Augmentality" |
+Clint Bellanger |
+Holly Daniel |
+Justin Nichol |
+Jessica "Zeldyn" Cox |
+remaxim |
+Sarah Benalene |
+Stefan Beller |
+Additional Art
+ Thanks to these artists for releasing reusable open-licensed art
+Bart K |
+Blender Foundation |
+Cori Samuel
+D. Sharon Pruitt
+Iwan "qubodup" Gabovitch
+Michael Baradari
+Mike Koenig
+Samuel Moxham
+Clint Bellanger |
+Justin Jacobs |
+Stefan Beller |
+Thane "pennomi" Brimhall |
+Jan-Hendrik (hennr) Peters
+Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo
+... and many others
+(be) Belarussian by Mikhail Karalevich
+(cs) Czech by Nikita Vanku (Zaraka)
+(de) German by Thomas 'CruzR' Glamsch, Chris Oelmueller, and Stefan Beller
+(el) Greek by Yannis Anthymidis
+(es) Spanish by Juan Pablo 'morris989' Tamayo and Carlos Sanchez
+(fi) Finnish by Timo Siev�nen
+(fr) French by Quentin 'acieroid' Stievenart, Bonbadil, Morgan Strauss, and Christoph J. Thompson
+(gl) Galacian by Adrian Chaves Fernandez (Gallaecio)
+(it) Italian by Giovanni Dalla Torre and Andrea Ranaldi
+(ja) Japanese by Paul Wortmann
+(nb) Norwegian Bokmal by Hans Joachim Desserud
+(nl) Dutch by Bas Doodeman
+(pl) Polish by Pawel Puszczynski
+(ru) Russian by Sergey Basalaev and Evgen Pavlov
+(sk) Slovak by Miro J�no��k
+(sv) Swedish by Andreas Berheim Brudin
+(uk) Ukrainian by Igor Paliychuk
+Full Credits
+See the full credits listing including per-file attribution online:
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-cd "`dirname "$0"`"
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+v0.18 Release Notes
+Major Updates
+10 Equipment Slots, up from 4 (and easily configurable)
+Starting "Class" choice (beginner's power/item kit)
+Environmental/Ambient Sounds on maps
+Much improved handling of Animations, Effects, and Sounds
+New Powers: Stealth, Traps, Thrown Weapons
+New Item Bonuses: XP gain, Gold Find, Item Find, and more
+Improved support for various input devices
+Engine Updates
+Items sold away from vendor are sent to Buyback tab (Justin Jacobs)
+Implement avatar layer composition and configurable slots (Igor Paliychuk)
+Allow low quality (no alpha) textures for gameplay art (Igor Paliychuk)
+Add support for font styles (Justin Jacobs)
+Introduce AnimationManager and use it for existing animations (Stefan Beller)
+Make buyback price the same as sell price (Justin Jacobs)
+Remove many warnings from static code analysis (Stefan Beller)
+New starting class system (Justin Jacobs)
+Allow assigning titles based on xp, primary stats, or campaign status (Matthew Krohn)
+Powers can require HP and optionally kill the caster (Matthew Krohn)
+Add on-hit, half dead, and dead power triggers (Justin Jacobs)
+New EffectsManager to handle buffs and debuffs (Justin Jacobs)
+Add support for Passive Powers (Justin Jacobs)
+Add "XP Gain", "Gold Find", "Item Find" bonuses (Justin Jacobs)
+Support granting multiple stat/power points per level (Justin Jacobs)
+Standardize init lists for classes (Stefan Beller)
+Add on_clear map event type (Justin Jacobs)
+Add flavor text option for item tooltips (Clint Bellanger)
+Convert MenuCharacter to stat listbox (Justin Jacobs)
+Allow bonus max HP/MP percentages (Matthew Krohn)
+Implement per-enemy loot tables (Justin Jacobs)
+Add Stealth bonus effect (Justin Jacobs)
+Standardize sound effect loading function (Stefan Beller)
+Add internal utility functions (Piotrrak)
+Support NPC and map events based on hero level (Stefan Beller)
+Allow Accept key to interact with the environment instead of clicking (Justin Jacobs)
+Mouse emulation mode (Justin Jacobs)
+Add default names for portraits to help keyboardless systems (Justin Jacobs)
+Add --game_dataflag for setting a user-defined PATH_DATA (Justin Jacobs)
+Introduce SoundManager for centralized sound handling (Henrik Andersson)
+Add game_prefix to segregate save games and config files for mods (Henrik Andersson)
+Add NPC Action Menu for NPCs with multiple discussion topics (Henrik Andersson)
+Add location-based sound volume (Henrik Andersson)
+Implement enemy style loot tables for map events (Justin Jacobs)
+Make the local data folder prevail over installed ones (Yohann Ferreira)
+Rendering optimizations (Stefan Beller)
+Allow config file durations to be specified in frames, ms, or seconds (Henrik Andersson)
+Fix LMB ignoring locks in some situations (Joseph Bleau)
+Add cooldown_hit duration to prevent stunlock (Joseph Bleau)
+Add status-based trader stock (Justin Jacobs)
+Allow equipment bonuses to be applied while transformed (Justin Jacobs)
+Handle fuzzy matching in translation files (Henrik Andersson)
+Add item count ranges for loot tables (Clint Bellanger)
+Don't allow dead hero to trigger map events (Justin Jacobs)
+Add additional cppcheck flags to the .travis.yml file (Hans Joachim)
+Clean up BOM from the languages.txt file (Hans Joachim)
+Game Updates
+Updated equipment from 4 slots (weapon, offhand, body, artifact) to 10 slots (head, body, hands, legs, feet, weapon, offhand, ring, ring, artifact)
+Added chainmail and mage armor (Clint Bellanger)
+Clothes icon paintings (Ben at CrowLine Studio)
+Mage, Leather, Chain, Plate icon paintings (Justin Nichol)
+Ring art (Clint Bellanger)
+Iron Buckler shield (Clint Bellanger)
+Animal Figurines (Clint Bellanger)
+Abandoned Tower art and quest line (Stefan Beller)
+Mineshaft Longsword quest line (Justin Jacobs)
+Beginning of new item list (Clint Bellanger)
+Environmental Sounds on existing maps (Henrik Andersson)
+New powers: Stealth, Caltrops, Bear Trap, Dagger Throw, Axe Throw (Clint Bellanger)

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