World Layout

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Empyrean Campaign

There are 12 major zones of the game which are roughly positioned to match a clock face. This is echoed in the hyperspace map:

Hyperspace map

Each major zones of the game will be made of three good-sized, content-heavy maps. The first creatures appear on map 1-1, the first teleporter is in 1-2, and the first boss in 1-3. That pattern repeats until the finale at level 11-3. The player starts in zone 12 which contains the main village.

Here are the 36 maps along the main quest line.

Major Zones

Zone 12 is the starting area and main town.
Major relic landmark: Book of the Dead

  • 12-1 Arrival [grassland] an unusable teleport circle and a path leading to town.
  • 12-2 Perdition Harbor [grassland] the main town, with the player stash and vendors and quests. teleporter
  • 12-3 Book of the Dead [dungeon] a large chamber with a bookstand in the center. Read to see names of the (recent) dead.

Zone 1 is a green area with patches of goblin villages

  • 1-1 Salted Fields [grassland] a large plains with weak enemies, let players get their feet under them
  • 1-2 Stonewood [grassland] a maze of trees and cliff faces. teleporter
  • 1-3 Goblin Camp [grassland] the goblins hold the main bridge, preventing the traveling merchant from crossing. Goblin boss!

Zone 2 is more watery/swampy and starts getting gothic and undead.

  • 2-1 [grassland] bridges and swamp feel. Still lots of goblins
  • 2-2 [grassland] creepy woods and graveyard with undead. teleporter
  • 2-3 [grassland] dungeon entrance map, ruined city design

Zone 3 is the First Temple.
Major relic landmark: Grave of the Saint
Major quest item: Gravebloom

  • 3-1 [dungeon] undead mausoleum, books and histories
  • 3-2 [dungeon] undead dungeon cells, teleporter. Magic trader/teacher NPC in one of the cells.
  • 3-3 [dungeon] undead crypt, large boss room: saint's grave with knight/guard boss area. Quest treasure: Gravebloom

Zone 4 is an abandoned, haunted mine

  • 4-1 [grassland] mines entrance, maybe boat and trader nearby
  • 4-2 [cave] organized mines. Large grid-like area to explore. Storage rooms. Teleporter. Goblin trader.
  • 4-3 [cave] unorganized mines. Branches still in progress. Zombie miner captain boss.

Zone 5 is a twisted cavern system

  • 5-1 The Breach [cave]. This place has a maze-like connection with 5-2.
  • 5-2 [grassland] mountain pass area. Expert blacksmith here. Teleporter. This place has a maze-like connection with 5-1.
  • 5-3 [cave] antlion nests. Antlion queen boss (egg room with spawns and boss).

Zone 6 is the Second Temple
Major relic landmark: The Red Altar
Major quest item: Black Quill

  • 6-1 [dungeon] wyvern area
  • 6-2 [dungeon] Teleporter. A large chamber with The Red Altar.
  • 6-3 [grassland] mountaintop fight agains the Wyvern Boss! Ruined city, dungeon entrance map (but came in through the back breach). Quest Treasure: Black Quill.

Zone 7 is an arid highland passage

  • 7-1 [grassland] open arid area. Large plains with less green.
  • 7-2 [dungeon] long underground passage with lots of enemies, and a teleporter and NPCs.
  • 7-3 [grassland] Arid twisty passage with rock columns.

Zone 8 is a minotaur labyrinth homeland

  • 8-1 [grassland] part of the minotaur labyrinth with 8-2
  • 8-2 [dungeon] part of the minotaur labyrinth with 8-1. has a teleporter.
  • 8-3 [grassland] ruins city, dungeon entrance. Minotaur boss.

Zone 9 is the Third Temple
Major relic landmark: Doors to the Underworld
Major quest item: Knife of Sacrifices

  • 9-1 [dungeon] Royal castle entrance feeling. Skeletal knights.
  • 9-2 [dungeon] Research halls. Library lined walls. Contains the Doors to the Underworld in one chamber. NPC treasure hunter with high level items
  • 9-3 [dungeon] Lots of teleporting and floating island areas. Wizard(s) boss! Quest Treasure: Knife of Sacrifices

Zone 10 is the twisty caverns of the Underworld

  • 10-1 [cave] The beginning areas of the Underworld
  • 10-2 [cave] ?
  • 10-3 [cave] ?

Zone 11 is the underground fortress containing the final encounter

  • 11-1 [dungeon]
  • 11-2 [cave]
  • 11-3 [dungeon] The final confrontation

The quest line:

  1. Defeat the knight/guardian boss in 3-3 to get the Gravebloom.
  2. Defeat the black wyvern boss at 6-3 to get the Black Quill.
  3. Defeat the wizard(s) boss in 9-3 to get the Knife of Sacrifices
  4. Take the knife to The Red Altar 6-2. The knife replaced with Vial of your Blood.
  5. Put the gravebloom in the vial to get the Blood Inkwell
  6. Take the Blood Inkwell and the Black Quill to the Book of the Dead in the starting town, area 12-3.
  7. Write your name in the book.
  8. Now you can use the doors in 9-2 to travel to the Underworld (zones 10-11)
  9. Final confrontation in area 11-3