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#ifndef ENTITY_H
#define ENTITY_H
* class Entity
* An Entity represents any character in the game - the player, allies, enemies
* This base class handles logic common to all of these child classes
* @author Clint Bellanger
* @author kitano
* @license GPL
#include "MapIso.h"
#include "Animation.h"
#include "Utils.h"
#include <vector>
class Entity {
MapIso* map;
vector<Animation*> animations;
Animation *activeAnimation;
SDL_Surface *sprites;
virtual ~Entity();
bool move();
int face(int, int);
// Logic common to all entities goes here
virtual void logic();
// Each child of Entity defines its own rendering method
virtual Renderable getRender() = 0;
void loadAnimations(std::string filename);
bool setAnimation(std::string animation);
StatBlock stats;
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