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and others added some commits Apr 19, 2012
@clintcparker some testing updates d9e218f
@clintcparker so that's how markdown works 7f36f4d
bnowel Merge branch 'dev' of 86d1fd7
bnowel added board 1ff6bd0
bnowel Added a Message Object 61de334
@bnowel bnowel Updating Travis icon for the dev branch 3d88505
bnowel Added links for travis for dev and master. This merge resolves issue #54
bnowel Merge branches 'master' and 'dev' into dev e41af6f
bnowel Show both dev and master icons for Travis. Merged w/ master 6ee4cab
@riraheta riraheta added server stuff for adding player 499ebb7
@riraheta riraheta Merge branch 'playermessages' into dev fc7e934
@bnowel bnowel Merge pull request #58 from riraheta/dev
bnowel Messages with no name are set to Anon 8035ccf
@clintcparker added flattify 2fa80e7
@clintcparker Merge pull request #59 from clintcparker/dev
added flattify
bnowel Merge branch 'dev' of into dev 979ff21
bnowel Added message/send and person/:id 8f97f8c
bnowel People can now be removed through api 658e58c
bnowel Moved people into its own file 4f08cea
@bnowel bnowel Merge pull request #60 from bnowel/dev
bnowel Put an engine in it. Runs Good 89c5a01
@clintcparker Merge branch 'dev' of into dev e93b2aa
@clintcparker added command for templating new objects. run 'npm run-script newObject' 2098d23
@clintcparker Merge pull request #62 from clintcparker/dev
script for creating new objects
@clintcparker added template.js. removed template logic from package.json 525b5d6
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