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A python client for accessing the Google Analytics API
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A Python client for accessing Google Analytics data

Not much info here but I'm working off the documentation here


You should put your Google Credentials in a file in your home directory called .pythongoogleanalytics. This is a ini style config file and should look like this:

google_account_email =
google_account_password = yourpassword

If you want to take full advantage of the test suite, you'll need to add another section with a few valid profile IDs from the account you're testing. Add these as follows:

test_profile_ids = 28192 1928329 1029

If you don't add these, we can't really test any future data pulling, and some of the account stuff. In the future perhaps we can build a list of accounts from get_all_accounts and proceed that way.


Theoretically you should be able to type the following after checking out the source:

sudo python install


I'm trying to use Buildout, so you can start helping out with development by checking out the source and typing the following:

python && ./bin/buildout

Run tests as follows:


Most of the action is in googleanalytics.connection for the moment.


Check out the file for details on how to use the library. There's not much here at the moment.

If it's not obvious I've modeled a lot of of what I've done so far off the Boto Amazon Web Services client.

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