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""" xmltodict(): convert xml into tree of Python dicts.
This was copied and modified from John Bair's recipe at
import os
import string
from xml.parsers import expat
# Python seems to need to compile code with \n linesep:
code_linesep = "\n"
class Xml2Obj:
"""XML to Object"""
def __init__(self):
self.root = None
self.nodeStack = []
self.attsToSkip = []
self._inCode = False
self._mthdName = ""
self._mthdCode = ""
self._codeDict = None
def StartElement(self, name, attributes):
"""SAX start element even handler"""
if name == "code":
# This is code for the parent element
self._inCode = True
parent = self.nodeStack[-1]
if not parent.has_key("code"):
parent["code"] = {}
self._codeDict = parent["code"]
if self._inCode:
self._mthdName = name.encode()
element = {"name": name.encode()}
if len(attributes) > 0:
for att in self.attsToSkip:
if attributes.has_key(att):
del attributes[att]
element["attributes"] = attributes
# Push element onto the stack and make it a child of parent
if len(self.nodeStack) > 0:
parent = self.nodeStack[-1]
if not parent.has_key("children"):
parent["children"] = []
self.root = element
def EndElement(self, name):
"""SAX end element event handler"""
if self._inCode:
if name == "code":
self._inCode = False
self._codeDict = None
# End of an individual method
self._codeDict[self._mthdName] = self._mthdCode
self._mthdName = ""
self._mthdCode = ""
self.nodeStack = self.nodeStack[:-1]
def CharacterData(self, data):
"""SAX character data event handler"""
if data.strip():
data = data.replace("&lt;", "<")
if self._inCode:
if self._mthdCode:
self._mthdCode += u"%s%s" % (code_linesep, data)
self._mthdCode = data
element = self.nodeStack[-1]
if not element.has_key("cdata"):
element["cdata"] = ""
element["cdata"] += data
def Parse(self, xml):
# Create a SAX parser
Parser = expat.ParserCreate()
# SAX event handlers
Parser.StartElementHandler = self.StartElement
Parser.EndElementHandler = self.EndElement
Parser.CharacterDataHandler = self.CharacterData
# Parse the XML File
ParserStatus = Parser.Parse(xml, 1)
return self.root
def ParseFromFile(self, filename):
return self.Parse(open(filename,"r").read())
def xmltodict(xml, attsToSkip=[]):
"""Given an xml string or file, return a Python dictionary."""
parser = Xml2Obj()
parser.attsToSkip = attsToSkip
if os.linesep not in xml and os.path.exists(xml):
# argument was a file
return parser.ParseFromFile(xml)
# argument must have been raw xml:
return parser.Parse(xml)
def dicttoxml(dct, level=0, header=None, linesep=None):
"""Given a Python dictionary, return an xml string.
The dictionary must be in the format returned by dicttoxml(), with keys
on "attributes", "code", "cdata", "name", and "children".
Send your own XML header, otherwise a default one will be used.
The linesep argument is a dictionary, with keys on levels, allowing the
developer to add extra whitespace depending on the level.
def escQuote(val, noEscape):
"""Add surrounding quotes to the string, and escape
any illegal XML characters.
if not isinstance(val, basestring):
val = str(val)
qt = '"'
slsh = "\\"
val = val.replace("<", "&lt;").replace(">", "&gt;").replace(slsh, slsh+slsh)
if not noEscape:
# First escape internal ampersands:
val = val.replace("&", "&amp;")
# Escape any internal quotes
val = val.replace('"', '&quot;').replace("'", "&apos;")
return "%s%s%s" % (qt, val, qt)
att = ""
ret = ""
if dct.has_key("attributes"):
for key, val in dct["attributes"].items():
# Some keys are already handled.
noEscape = key in ("sizerInfo",)
val = escQuote(val, noEscape)
att += " %s=%s" % (key, val)
ret += "%s<%s%s" % ("\t" * level, dct["name"], att)
if (not dct.has_key("cdata") and not dct.has_key("children")
and not dct.has_key("code")):
ret += " />%s" % os.linesep
ret += ">"
if dct.has_key("cdata"):
ret += "%s" % dct["cdata"].replace("<", "&lt;")
if dct.has_key("code"):
if len(dct["code"].keys()):
ret += "%s%s<code>%s" % (os.linesep, "\t" * (level+1), os.linesep)
methodTab = "\t" * (level+2)
for mthd, cd in dct["code"].items():
# Convert \n's in the code to os.linesep:
cd = os.linesep.join(cd.splitlines())
# Make sure that the code ends with a linefeed
if not cd.endswith(os.linesep):
cd += os.linesep
ret += "%s<%s><![CDATA[%s%s]]>%s%s</%s>%s" % (methodTab,
mthd, os.linesep, cd, os.linesep,
methodTab, mthd, os.linesep)
ret += "%s</code>%s" % ("\t" * (level+1), os.linesep)
if dct.has_key("children") and len(dct["children"]) > 0:
ret += os.linesep
for child in dct["children"]:
ret += dicttoxml(child, level+1, linesep=linesep)
indnt = ""
if ret.endswith(os.linesep):
# Indent the closing tag
indnt = ("\t" * level)
ret += "%s</%s>%s" % (indnt, dct["name"], os.linesep)
if linesep:
ret += linesep.get(level, "")
if level == 0:
if header is None:
header = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>%s' \
% os.linesep
ret = header + ret
return ret