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0.12 2012-09-22
- Added support for retrieving partial objects (thanks to DIEGOK
for suggesting)
- Improved documentation (thanks to TIMB)
0.11 2012-08-18
- Variable::Magic v 0.51 allows us to remove the magic after inflating
a stub object - thanks to VPIT for the new version
0.10 2012-08-15
- Declare a minimum version for ElasticSearch::SearchBuilder
0.09 2012-08-14
- Added terms_indexed_for_field() to Elastic::Model::Role::Doc to aid
- Added id() and type() convenience methods on Elastic::Model::Role::Doc
which call the equivalent method on the doc's UID
- Changed the mapping for UIDs to use the full path name, not
'just_name'. * REQUIRES REINDEXING *
This fixes a major bug where all Doc class attributes in an object
were being indexed in the same fields, so it was impossible to
distinguish a search for (mother => $user) from (father => $user).
Unfortunately, this means it is no longer possible to search for just
any UID using queryb($uid), as it now needs the full path name for
the attribute, eg queryb( 'user.partner' => $user ).
Consequently, I've also had to change the Index->repoint_uids
to search in all possible UID attributes.
0.08 2012-08-09
- added a transform() parameter to reindex() to allow the user to
change the data structure while reindexing
- don't try to destroy scopes during global shutdown
- reindex() was loading all docs into memory, rather than processing
them in blocks
0.07 2012-08-02
- Added Elastic::Model::SearchBuilder to automatically serialize
queries/filters like ->filterb( user => $user_doc )
or ->filterb( $uid )
0.06 2012-08-02
- The unique key was using the attribute name, rather than
the unique key name.
0.05 2012-08-01
- Added support for unique_keys via ElasticSearchX::UniqueKey
- Added a Keyword type to be used for not_analyzed string fields
- Handle stub doc inflation using Variable::Magic instead of
wrapping _inline_instance_* in Moose
- Lazy attributes weren't being built properly during deflation
0.04 2012-07-25
overwrite() should work for new docs as well as docs loaded from ES
on_conflict() called with $doc->create doesn't get a version number,
so just load the existing doc
0.03 2012-07-08
Skip parts of the test suite which require a live cluster to run
0.02 2012-07-07
Removed the 'trial' flag. First public release.
0.01 2012-07-07
First release
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