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Corrected some typos and improved the explanation of Bool/Maybe[Bool]

Thanks to @timbunce for the suggestions
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1 parent 63b5ae3 commit f83469f481aa8645e123fa3de16646fac7ef43c0 @clintongormley committed Nov 23, 2012
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@@ -630,8 +630,9 @@ For this reason we distinguish fields the type constraint of C<Bool>
from the type constraint of C<Maybe[Bool]> (although functionally they
are identical in Moose).
-C<Bool> fields regard C<undef> as C<false>, while C<Maybe[Bool]> would regard
-C<undef> as C<NULL>, "missing" or "not set".
+For the purposes of querying, Elastic::Model treats C<Bool> fields set to
+C<undef> as C<false>, and C<Maybe[Bool]> set to C<undef> as C<NULL>,
+"missing" or "not set".
Value Bool Maybe[Bool]
@@ -645,12 +646,13 @@ This is done by mapping C<Maybe[Bool]> fields as:
{ type => 'boolean' }
-and mapping C<Maybe[Bool]> fields as:
+and mapping C<Bool> fields as:
{ type => 'boolean', null_value => 0 }
B<Note:> the `null_value` setting only affects how a boolean field is
-queryable - it doesn't change the actual value of the field in the object.
+indexed by Elasticseach - it doesn't change the actual value of the field in
+the object.

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