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A Datefield and Calendar Picker for Sproutcore
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CD.DateFieldView -- A Datefield and Calendar Picker for Sproutcore

This is a beta release of a view I started for a project I was working on. I was surprised that Sproutcore did not have such a view or a calendar picker. While I can't pretend to be a proficient SC coder yet, my hope is that through some input and collaboration with more experienced community members we can produce something worthy of inclusion.


  • Datefield validation
  • Accepts any known date format via built-in localization (native Javscript)
  • Calendar popup for quick selection or visualization
  • Integer operations relative to today's date (e.g. +1 would be today+1 day, -1...etc.)

Needs (incompletes, TODO, etc.)

  • Render is a mess due to my limited understanding of the view-layer (calendar)
  • Cleaner binding interface (datefield)
  • Needs dynamic resizing and position awareness - but at this point I do not know how to do this (both)
  • Needs month drop-down selector as opposed to just incremental scrolling (calendar)
  • Possibly remove statechart from view?
  • Possibly make use of Dynamic CSS (SC.CSSStyleSheet)?
  • ...

General Notes

The DateFieldView has been tested with the following browsers:

  • Safari Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1)
  • Chrome Version 11.0.696.77
  • Firefox Version 4.0.1


You can use it as-is or for testing/development purposes (please!) by including it as a framework in your project/app. I would recommend cloning the git repo and then symlinking it into your frameworks directory.

Make sure you have also required sproutcore/statechart.

Don't forget to add it to the requirements in the Buildfile for the project/app!

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