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NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Use the far superior libZotero library at
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phpZotero.php Fixed bug in PUT method. Apr 17, 2011 Adds notice about no longer maintaining. Feb 16, 2012


No Longer Maintained Use the much better libZotero library.

A simple PHP class for working with the Zotero API. phpZotero works with version 1 of the Zotero API.


You must first require the phpZotero class.

require_once '/path/to/phpZotero/phpZotero.php';

Replace '/path/to' to the path where you have placed phpZotero.

Create a new phpZotero object

$zotero = new phpZotero('YourAPIKey');

Using this object, you can access the Zotero API. You will need to pass your Zotero API key to the constructor. Zotero API keys can be managed on your user settings page.



First tagged release.


Many thanks to the following folks for contributing to phpZotero.

  • Faolan Cheslack-Postava
  • Wayne Graham
  • Jim Safley
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